Am I still breathing? Ragged, uneven Your cold shoulder Stopped my heart And though… I raged and stormed And cried with grief Fighting A battle of the faithless, I lost I lost… Corroded blood Fills my veins Tainted with betrayals And terrible pain Your iron fortress Remains Impenetrable Steadfast Break! Silence Break! Swallowed screams PowerlessContinue reading “Passive”

Reaching and Letting Go

I growEver upwardsLike the tip of the treeI aspire to reach the sunBut I need the strength…To withstand the driving wind The winter chill… The lashing rainThe parasites who would feedOn my flesh, and on my bonesThe blows of a life fully livedTear away my weary fleshSettled deep withinMy tired bodyLeaving…WoundsAnd Scars…Fractures…RemodeledTo be strongI chooseToContinue reading “Reaching and Letting Go”