“Blue is for the sky, purple for the flowers, green for the leaves, “the boy trailed off, his voice suddenly breaking. He looked out the window and took three deep breaths, just as he had learned.               “Blue… blue is for the sky.”               “It’s ok, Ren. You can take a break.” Dr. MalineContinue reading “Red”

A Yearning to Shatter the Kaleidoscope

I see the world through a kaleidoscope of fears, worry, confusion and doubt. It feeds a steady drip of poison in my veins, wrought from the existential dread of a life misunderstood. My desire to live soulfully, numbed by the conditions of this world and my instinct for survival. I trudge onward through the boot-suckingContinue reading “A Yearning to Shatter the Kaleidoscope”