The Heart Knows No Boundary

Because I wanted to touch your face, if only to feel the connection of your soul to mine… But I couldn’t. I could only stare at you from the other side of this frosted windowpane, and touch my hand to yours through the glass. My heart overflows with love, and yet I curse the fateContinue reading “The Heart Knows No Boundary”

A Yearning to Shatter the Kaleidoscope

I see the world through a kaleidoscope of fears, worry, confusion and doubt. It feeds a steady drip of poison in my veins, wrought from the existential dread of a life misunderstood. My desire to live soulfully, numbed by the conditions of this world and my instinct for survival. I trudge onward through the boot-suckingContinue reading “A Yearning to Shatter the Kaleidoscope”