The Beautiful Chaos

How could I call you mine? Even if I wasn’t turned off by the phrase and its implications of owning another as opposed to loving another free soul… Even then, it would be impossible for me to ever call you mine. Because you are you… The most beautiful, amazing and unpredictable person I have everContinue reading “The Beautiful Chaos”

Spiritual Warrior

The words he thrust into her, cut deep into skin and sinew, unchanged since childhood. Bleeding and pained she sat, meditating, feeling deep into the trench in her chest. The pain coiled and writhed and gave up its encoded secrets, the lies she was told about the person she was… Someone else’s version of aContinue reading “Spiritual Warrior”

Madness Forsaken

They said I was mad and sent me away to live in isolation at the edge of the forest. I had no friends, no daily interactions, no love from another human. The loneliness sucked at my soul until I learned to sit and sense the movement of the forest around my stillness. I watched the graceful spiralContinue reading “Madness Forsaken”