The Sweetness

Do you remember the day we sat together on the front stoop, eating orange popsicles in the rain? You held my hand and I kissed your cheek, my lips sticking for a moment in the sugary film. I licked them, afterwards, lingering in the orange tang and reveling in the innocence of your smile. It’sContinue reading “The Sweetness”

Fire and Ice

Her melodious laugh penetrated his heart with sharp, pointed icicles. For a moment, he couldn’t move. He could barely breath. He couldn’t explain why, but he knew her. He felt something for her. Had she noticed him? He looked surreptitiously in her direction. She was engrossed in a conversation with another woman, with whom sheContinue reading “Fire and Ice”

What is Love, Really?

“What is love, really,” he asked, placing his glass in the table and looking pitifully across the table at her, “is it really just a serial heartbreak… A death by a thousand cuts? Am I to wait hopelessly for it to devour me?” “Yes.” She took his hand and met his sadness with compassion, “YouContinue reading “What is Love, Really?”

Love Language in Translation

She craved his loving attention: afternoon strolls on the bike path, bearing their souls together through a long night of talking or maybe just lazy afternoons watching movies… But he couldn’t stay still and so when he was done running around, long after she had eaten and gotten ready for bed, he called to askContinue reading “Love Language in Translation”

Painful Love

            We met in the smoldering ruins of past relationships. I found your eyes as you sat in your rickety chair, relating your exquisite pain. How could I forget the unmistakable mustiness of the room, the scraping of metal folding chairs or the burnt coffee served in Styrofoam cups? It could have been any circleContinue reading “Painful Love”