Life in the Slow Lane

Source (picture of a couple in bed)

She was still getting used to her new place and the howling of the nearby coyotes was like ice to her blood. What had made her want to live in the country anyway? The answer, of course, was back in the bedroom, naked, sexy and waiting for her. She finished filling her glass and padded back to the bedroom, flipping the light switches behind her.

“Hey. Did you get lost?”

“No. I was just a little freaked out by the coyotes. Give me a jackhammer, traffic noise and a crazy guy yelling any day of the week.”

“Awwww. C’mon now, Baby, you’ll get used to it. We’re safe inside. Come here,” he patted the bed beside him, “I’ll help you relax.”

She knew he would (and his nakedness left no confusion about his intentions). She pulled off her nightshirt and climbed in beside him.

“See?” He flashed her a lopsided grin, “You do love the country.”

She had to admit, parts of it were pretty damn good…

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