Fire and Ice

Source: (Picture of a ball of ice, lit with a fiery glow)

Her melodious laugh penetrated his heart with sharp, pointed icicles. For a moment, he couldn’t move. He could barely breath. He couldn’t explain why, but he knew her. He felt something for her.

Had she noticed him? He looked surreptitiously in her direction. She was engrossed in a conversation with another woman, with whom she was dining. She laughed, flipping her hair behind her shoulder. It fell in great golden waves, catching the sunlight and twinkling, like a million flirty winks.

He forgot not to stare greedily, until she stood and made her way toward the restroom. His breath still stuck, his frozen heart beating feebly, he could do nothing but sit stock still, waiting.

She caught his eye and smiled absentmindedly. Oh! He would die! He wasn’t sure he could recover from her nonchalance. He was drowning and she had just kept walking…

But she didn’t. She stopped. Something about their brief eye contact had affected her also. She knew him. She didn’t know how but she knew him. Her soul was suddenly aflame…

She turned automatically and walked back to his table. There was no time for consideration. She didn’t have a choice. Her feet moved of their own accord. She sat across from him and without even the slightest pause, grabbed his frigid hands in her warm ones.

His frozen heart melted. Her fiery soul calmed. The temperature was exactly right.

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