An Open Letter to my Crappy Boss

Source (picture of a stop sign set against a cloudy sky)

Dear Barbara,
I’m struggling to understand
What possesses you
To behave so spitefully
In nearly all of our interactions.
Was there something specific
I did to upset you?
Or are you driven by
Some internal greed
For the kind of power
Given only to
Middle managers?
I’m asking because
I’m losing the ability
To give a Fuck
About your feelings
Or even pretend to…
As you might have noticed
After that one time
You know the one…
The time I said
“Fuck you.”
Right to your face
But, of course,
It wasn’t deserved
Or in any way earned
By your actions
When you forced me
To work…
With pneumonia…
So I didn’t lose my job
I mean,
I’m not without
Telling you off
Will unlikely
Ever be among them
On the other hand…
I do strive to be
A kinder person
One who lives without…
One who has…
And as much
As I wish
Truly, truly wish
(Oh, how much I wish)
To be rid of you
I also want to understand
How much suffering it takes
To harm for no reason
With nearly every action
(Seriously, is there anyone
You actually like?)
Because it must take
A deep self hatred
To need to grasp
So tightly
To even the tiniest
The smallest
The most minuscule
Morsel of power
I mean…
You don’t seem to know this but
Your job…
Is not all that.

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