The Beginning and End of Romance

Prologue: He caught her eye, or she caught his. It felt like love at first sight. They talked of music. They talked of friends. There was undeniable chemistry. He loved her, she thought, though she wasn’t sure why. They talked and laughed and he bought her drinks. She knew they would leave together and theyContinue reading “The Beginning and End of Romance”

Should Have Taken No For an Answer

“Buy you a drink?” he plopped nonchalantly onto the barstool next to her, flashing his championship ring and smiling roguishly. “No.” “Oh. C’mon. You’re cute. I’m cute… It’s just a drink.” “It’s never just a drink and really… I’m cute?” she rolled her eyes and turned her back to him. “Hey! Whaddya want? Gorgeous? Sexy?Continue reading “Should Have Taken No For an Answer”

Writers Room

“Ok, writers! Today we’re flushing out character arcs for Season 3. Who’s got an idea for Zaina? Stacy. Go!” “I think she should go really dark and we can trace her progression from light to dark to redemption.” “Huh. Ok. Jim. Go!” “Well, What if Zaina suffers a tragedy and gets really depressed and angryContinue reading “Writers Room”