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Fuck!! Fuck! Of course he didn’t let it go. When had he ever let anything fucking go? But this time it wasn’t good. She didn’t give him what he wanted, what he always wanted and furthermore she had hit him hard when he tried to take it. She had a head start but she knew he was behind her. She didn’t waste time looking. She just ran for her fucking life and tried not to think about what he would do when he caught up. Which he would. He was a pretty fast triathlete.

Curse the day she had agreed to work at his shitty firm. And all the days since when she had witnessed his unbalanced, dangerous behavior and sleazy come-ons and hadn’t left. The money was good and she was trying to build a career but shit he was probably going to kill her tonight anyway. She knew too much and the only way to placate him was with her body and she had resoundingly said no.

As she ran past the elevator on her way to the stairwell the door opened in a way that might have seemed impossibly random if she had not been fleeing too hard to think. She took the risk running onto it and pounding the door close button. As the door closed she saw his red, ragey hate-filled face turn the corner. He saw her too but was too late. The door shut and the elevator lurched downward. Panicked she hit the emergency stop two floors below and slumped to the floor in tears.

“Ok. What now? What now? Shit!!! What the fuck can I do? This is so bad. So bad…” she checked her phone. No service in the elevator. She would have to leave here eventually. Her eyes lit on the emergency phone… Did she dare? She won’t be able to go home. He’ll come over. He’s tried it before. Where to? James! Right! She could drive to her cousin’s upstate… She just had to get safely to her car. She tried the phone. Dead. Ok. Security is in the basement near the elevator. She hit the down button and felt a sickening drop.

Faster and faster it dropped. She had been on the 112th floor it was over. She had run to save herself and now… She passed out.

The doors opened…

Light flooded in from the corridor. She opened her eyes slowly remembering nothing for a moment… and then realizing with a rush of panic that she didn’t know where she was or how she got there. That confused panicked blank slate feeling lasted a few moments and then slowly she recognized the elevator and remembered the fall and felt a numb shock come over her. She sat blinking into the light wondering what to do next. And then the music began…

It was beautiful and somehow corporeal. It felt like it was inside of her and all of her senses were vibrating pleasantly. She thought “If this is death it’s orgasmic.” and sure enough it was. She climaxed pleasurably, feeling her entire body tense and shudder. And then the music stopped leaving a sad emptiness in its wake. It grew silent and the light grew dimmer… and dimmer and she was filled with misery at the loss of all that was beautiful. She curled up fetally on the floor and wept until there was nothing left.

And then he entered… Entered the elevator. Entered her unencumbered by her current catatonic state. She felt the pain and revulsion but didn’t fight… couldn’t muster up enough caring to fight. She just submitted for what seemed an eternity. In a way it was-because she was unconscious before it was over.

When her broken tangled body was found the next morning it still possessed all of the characteristics of life but somehow she could not inhabit it again. She spent the rest of her days hovering nearby watching and waiting for the light and music to return.

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