Complaint Department

June 4, 2024Urbane Profession Simulators, Inc.155 E. 55th St.New York, NY 10022 To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my recent purchase. If I were to say that your product did not deliver as advertised it would be a gross understatement! If I could have foreseen the griefContinue reading “Complaint Department”

Old Friends and a Reader’s Life

Oh! To soar on the back of a centaur With Calvin, Charles Wallace and Meg! Or to un-rhythmically walk the desert And ride the worms across the sands of Arrakis Or walk through the terrifying Mines of Moria To the Fires of Mordor, carrying the One Ring The places I have been, the adventures IContinue reading “Old Friends and a Reader’s Life”

Painful Love

            We met in the smoldering ruins of past relationships. I found your eyes as you sat in your rickety chair, relating your exquisite pain. How could I forget the unmistakable mustiness of the room, the scraping of metal folding chairs or the burnt coffee served in Styrofoam cups? It could have been any circleContinue reading “Painful Love”

Madness Forsaken

They said I was mad and sent me away to live in isolation at the edge of the forest. I had no friends, no daily interactions, no love from another human. The loneliness sucked at my soul until I learned to sit and sense the movement of the forest around my stillness. I watched the graceful spiralContinue reading “Madness Forsaken”

The Christmas Gift

“Ugh! This deadline is looming and I don’t have anything yet!” Sara looked up from her computer long enough to roll her eyes but otherwise ignored me. Fuck her anyway. She never gets her shit done on time. Last month she kept me waiting on her stats until five minutes before the sales meeting. EdwardContinue reading “The Christmas Gift”