The Christmas Gift

Source: (Picture of a gift in Christmas paper)

“Ugh! This deadline is looming and I don’t have anything yet!” Sara looked up from her computer long enough to roll her eyes but otherwise ignored me. Fuck her anyway. She never gets her shit done on time. Last month she kept me waiting on her stats until five minutes before the sales meeting. Edward nearly lost his shit when I didn’t have an action plan ready for her failing accounts. One more write up and I can fire her ass. I can’t wait to have one less perky sales bitch fucking up my day.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to cover her accounts and I specifically reassigned Dr. Bunt to her after the Christmas Party Incident. I’m pretty sure he roofied me but I can’t prove it. The problem with being roofied is the drink math is hard to do until it’s out of your system and too late to prove anything.

Maybe he’ll at least check out my kids tonsils. The health care plan here is shit. I work 60 hours a week for barely enough to keep us housed much less pay a $5000 yearly deductible. Thank God I don’t get sick much… except for my Christmas gift from Dr. Bunt. That might turn into a problem at some point, but for now I can steal some samples and keep it under control. I fucking hate that guy! I need to fill Sarah’s spot quickly. I wonder if I can direct recruit and speed things up a bit. I’m going to make a list of potentials this afternoon.


“Huh?” I look up from my revelry.

“C’mon. Edward is waiting for us in the meeting room. Scott has some sort of announcement.”

I enter the conference room through a thick curtain of dread. Scott is the big boss and rumor has it something bad is coming. Also, I’ve never liked the way he looked at me. Maybe I won’t have to worry about Dr. Bunt anymore… I wish that was a comforting thought.

Or not. Scott looks me up and down creepily, as I cross the threshold, “JoElla, I need to see you after the meeting.” I swallow hard and mentally prepare for the worst. I would almost rather be fired if I didn’t have two kids to feed.

At least I can share my Christmas gift.

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