Rythym of Life

Rain drips from the budding trees in a steady rythym, creating circular ripples on the surface of the puddles below. Squirrels dash across the lawn, seeking shelter in each tree. The wind ebbs and flows, and an old woman rocks and waits. Cars pass in a never-ending parade of errands and earning but the woman’sContinue reading “Rythym of Life”

Goodbye to the Lies

Blood pounded in her ears as she reached the elevator and punched the call button repeatedly. It was all a fucking lie. The last three years of her life were nothing but a fucking lie. “Lisa!” “C’mon, c’mon,” she told the elevator, attempting to ignore his pursuit. “Lisa, wait!” “Fuck you, Brad!” She punched theContinue reading “Goodbye to the Lies”

Heart’s Helpline

“Heart’s Helpline. Yooooouuuuuu’vvvvveee got heart!” “Hi, Heart. This is Joel and I’m looking for love.” “Ok. So, Joel, why do you think you’re having trouble finding it?” “Well, I’m a little shy.” “Shy isn’t an answer, Joel, and frankly, doesn’t make sense, since you called a radio show.” “But I am.” “Ok. Let’s assume yourContinue reading “Heart’s Helpline”