Heart’s Helpline

“Heart’s Helpline. Yooooouuuuuu’vvvvveee got heart!” “Hi, Heart. This is Joel and I’m looking for love.” “Ok. So, Joel, why do you think you’re having trouble finding it?” “Well, I’m a little shy.” “Shy isn’t an answer, Joel, and frankly, doesn’t make sense, since you called a radio show.” “But I am.” “Ok. Let’s assume yourContinue reading “Heart’s Helpline”

Another Day, Another Dream

“Hey, Darla, what’s your biggest wish?” He called out into the kitchen where she was cleaning up the dinner mess. He must have been watching one of his goofy shows. She sighed and rolled her eyes but stayed silent. He wasn’t going to love her answer… He didn’t let it go, though, “Darla, c’mon… IContinue reading “Another Day, Another Dream”