Another Day, Another Dream

Source (picture of soapy hands)

“Hey, Darla, what’s your biggest wish?” He called out into the kitchen where she was cleaning up the dinner mess. He must have been watching one of his goofy shows.

She sighed and rolled her eyes but stayed silent. He wasn’t going to love her answer…

He didn’t let it go, though, “Darla, c’mon… I know you can hear me. Play along.”

If he was going to push her, he deserved it, “I wish I had a husband who helped me clean up after dinner, instead of laying about like a lump and asking silly questions!”

He appeared in the doorway, “Oh.”

“Yeah. Oh,” she mocked. He disappeared back to the living room. Good enough for him. She finished cleaning up and went to bed, dreaming of another husband.

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