Source (picture of a female presenting person looking frustrated)

Cara steeled herself for the pain she knew would come when he opened his mouth. He was about to reject her. She had been expecting it from the beginning.

Their whirlwind romance was marred by her insecurities and fears. She couldn’t forgive him for loving her. There must be something wrong with him. His flaws became tied up in hers and she couldn’t stop pointing them out.

She had systematically destroyed their love and now, he was ready to opt out. He opened his mouth and her heart fell to her toes. “Cara, I love you but…”

She couldn’t listen. She watched his mouth move but she could no longer hear the words. At some point she realized he had stopped speaking and she was still staring at his mouth.

“Cara, did you hear me?” She shook her head backed up a few steps and sat on the bed. Leroy shook his head and turned toward the door, then stopped, turned and faced her once again. “Cara, I need you to get some help.”

Her anger broke loose. “What do you care, Leroy? You just broke up with me!”

“Broke up with you? What?”

“You did. You said…” But she didn’t know what he said.

“Cara, I said I love you but I can’t keep being the punching bag for your pain. You need to get help or this relationship is in danger. I’ll go with you, even.”

“I thought you were breaking up with me.”

“I’m really trying not to. I want to see this through…”

Cara hesitated. She knew she was out of control. She was always causing him pain but therapy…

“I’m not sure, Leroy. I need to think about it.”



“I need an answer. Are you committed to me or not?”

She thought about the pain she had felt when she thought he had broken up with her. “Ok. I’ll go if you go with me.”

His shoulders visibly relaxed and she felt, just for a moment like she would be ok.

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