We Can’t Keep Him

It was an unusually cold day when they found him, huddled below the dryer vent, meowing pitifully. Her heart broke open immediately with compassion for the small creature, and though he couldn’t leave it out in the cold, he felt his guard rise immediately, placing a wall between them. She picked the creature up easily,Continue reading “We Can’t Keep Him”

Feline Friday- Crazy Ex Girlfriend/Crazy Cat Lady Edition

I really just had to share this because I love this show. It’s nuanced. It’s feminist. It allowed the main character (and all the characters, actually) to grow. It was honestly just fun to watch. Much love to the creators, actors, writers and everyone involved. ❤ You can find it on Netflix, although it airedContinue reading “Feline Friday- Crazy Ex Girlfriend/Crazy Cat Lady Edition”

Talking Pet Adoption for Feline Friday!!

If you are considering adoption, make sure you know what your needs and expectations are. Shelter cats are wonderful and, though I highly recommend adopting from a shelter, there are challenges. I’ve had my cats for ten years and one of them still barely lets me pet him and the other will attack anyone whoContinue reading “Talking Pet Adoption for Feline Friday!!”

Visiting “Grandma”

I should have known something was up when she stuck the dreaded collar around my neck last week but nothing happened so I didn’t worry. She’s sneaky, though, and you would think I’d know it by now. Last night it all became clear. She returned home from… wherever she disappears to… and stuffed us bothContinue reading “Visiting “Grandma””