Opposites Attract

Source: (Picture of a black cat looking upward)

The cat meandered carefully through the throng of festival goers gathered on the street. Crowds weren’t his thing, but the food was plentiful so he scoped for a safe place to get a feel for the terrain. Finding a nook at the back of a food truck, he hopped nimbly to it and continued up a series of ledges to the roof. Here he crouched contentedly, surveying the scene with laser sharp vision.

He caught a faint whiff of something pleasant on a breeze and sniffed the air, opening his mouth to help auth identification. Fish! The delicious scent was fish! But where was it?

He creeped to the edge of the roof, bending his body to a low crouch and peeking over. Below him a thin, well-dressed woman sat glaring at her husband who was greedily devouring a bucket of the fried meat. It was a bit of a jump but the cat in his excitement didn’t stop to consider another option. He leapt haphazardly onto the table between the couple, strewing napkins and drinks everywhere.

The woman screeched mightily for one so small and prim. Ears scorched, the coveted meal forgotten, the cat’s paws skittered through the mess of soda and napkins. He tried desperately to dig his claws into anything to stabilize himself, and finally gained traction in the soft flesh of the man’s hand. He leaped squarely onto the woman’s head, then flew sideways onto the ordering ledge of the food truck. Upon landing the chef expertly shooed him to the ground. He careened away at top speed, not stopping until he reached the safety of a nearby alley.

Heart racing, hair on end, wet, and discombobulated the cat shrunk into the corner where a dumpster met the wall, hissing mightily in case any of the accursed humans had followed him. In his heightened state he could sense the presence before he saw it… He hissed and growled threateningly but whatever it was drew slowly closer.

Out of the shadows, a shape began to emerge, a large, black face with glowing eyes and an enormous maw filled with sharp white teeth. The dog sniffed the air, unconcerned with the cat’s antics, then barked once, a short decisive sound. Another shadow emerged behind it and spoke confidently, “Did you find him, girl? Huh?”

Cornered and terrified into submission, the cat cowered against the dumpster and the man reached down and easily picked up the shaking creature. “You created quite the scene out there, Kitty. I like your style. What do you think, Bella?” he held the terrified cat out allowing the dog to sniff head to tail. When she finished she pranced in an excited dance, wagging her tail.

“I reckon Bella here agrees. I guess you’re coming home with us. Don’t worry. I already picked up a bucket ‘o that fish your were craving. You and Bella might not be the most likely of pals but it seems to me that opposites attract. I think we’ll make a nice little family.”

Originally published for Instagram’s Romance Writer Challenge July 2019, Ravishing the Romance Day 3 “Opposites Attract”

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