Return of the Rejected

Content warning: Story contains homophobic language and a depiction of confronting homophobic family, members. They paused at the walkway, “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m sorry. I know you do… It’s just… I’m worried.” “I know. I am too but I do want to go in… I know she might not beContinue reading “Return of the Rejected”

Hold My Hand

The Old Man couldn’t remember the last time he had been so clear. He looked at his family gathered around him, his sons Peter and Joseph and daughter Mary, their tired pained faces mirroring his tired pained body. He turned to Peter who was holding his hand, “You look old,” he grunted, prompting a laughContinue reading “Hold My Hand”

The Sapphire Necklace

My mother’s sapphire necklace appeared around her neck whenever there was an occasion special enough for something so fancy. It wasn’t “church special” or “night out with daddy special” it was “graduation special”, “wedding day special” “look but don’t touch special”… And sometimes if I was lucky, it was “Sunday afternoon play dress up special”.Continue reading “The Sapphire Necklace”