Wednesday Writing Update

What have I been up to? Poetry, Poetry, Poetry-It’s my go to these days because it’s fun to develop and play with while also being reasonable to keep up with. Waiting on my submissions. I currently have 5 things out there… I got a rejection Reading about writing Writing about writing 🙂 Updating this blogContinue reading “Wednesday Writing Update”

It’s Wednesday! Am I writing?

I submitted a story but probably won’t know if it’s rejected until October. I submitted another story this morning. I should know on this one sooner. 🙂 Lots of reading about writing (seriously if I’m going to write so much poetry I probably need to study it. It’s fun but I want to respect theContinue reading “It’s Wednesday! Am I writing?”

What Did I Do This Past Week Writing-Wise?

I made a submission to a Medium Pub I made a submission to a WordPress pub I edited a short story I’ve been working on a lot. It’s not done yet I updated this blog daily… Yay! I stayed up too late writing Haikus and had to suffer through 12 hours of my day jobContinue reading “What Did I Do This Past Week Writing-Wise?”

On Finding My Writing Voice

Source: (Picture of antique typewriter with the name Remington Standard) My grandmother had a typewriter like this. I used to type my “stories” on it as a child. The Dream When I was young all I wanted was to become a writer. While other kids went off to soccor camp or adventure camp or whatever,Continue reading “On Finding My Writing Voice”