Perfume, Nostalgia and Tea

He was overcome by the scent of her perfume, the same his wife had worn all through their short marriage. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this,” he said, when their lips were less than a centimeter apart. She pulled back, her eyes wide with surprise, “Did I do something wrong, Stephen?” “No… No, it’s nothingContinue reading “Perfume, Nostalgia and Tea”

Trimming the Tree

They had the perfect tree this year, she thought, primping the branches to make the tree the exact triangular shape she wanted… Except… “William!” “Yes, Dear,” he appeared in the doorway, well into his third glass of scotch. “William, Darling, did you not notice how misshapen this brunch was when you picked out the tree?Continue reading “Trimming the Tree”