Visiting “Grandma”

I should have known something was up when she stuck the dreaded collar around my neck last week but nothing happened so I didn’t worry. She’s sneaky, though, and you would think I’d know it by now. Last night it all became clear. She returned home from… wherever she disappears to… and stuffed us bothContinue reading “Visiting “Grandma””

The Sapphire Necklace

My mother’s sapphire necklace appeared around her neck whenever there was an occasion special enough for something so fancy. It wasn’t “church special” or “night out with daddy special” it was “graduation special”, “wedding day special” “look but don’t touch special”… And sometimes if I was lucky, it was “Sunday afternoon play dress up special”.Continue reading “The Sapphire Necklace”

Painful Love

            We met in the smoldering ruins of past relationships. I found your eyes as you sat in your rickety chair, relating your exquisite pain. How could I forget the unmistakable mustiness of the room, the scraping of metal folding chairs or the burnt coffee served in Styrofoam cups? It could have been any circleContinue reading “Painful Love”