Love Language in Translation

She craved his loving attention: afternoon strolls on the bike path, bearing their souls together through a long night of talking or maybe just lazy afternoons watching movies… But he couldn’t stay still and so when he was done running around, long after she had eaten and gotten ready for bed, he called to askContinue reading “Love Language in Translation”

The Murder Awaits

The man startled at the sudden sound of the screeching crow outside his window. He had been sitting at his table, writing in longhand as his predecessors had done but tonight his writing was fevered. On his shelves, the predictions of his lineage were contained in centuries of journals. Some were proved, others had notContinue reading “The Murder Awaits”

Should Have Taken No For an Answer

“Buy you a drink?” he plopped nonchalantly onto the barstool next to her, flashing his championship ring and smiling roguishly. “No.” “Oh. C’mon. You’re cute. I’m cute… It’s just a drink.” “It’s never just a drink and really… I’m cute?” she rolled her eyes and turned her back to him. “Hey! Whaddya want? Gorgeous? Sexy?Continue reading “Should Have Taken No For an Answer”