My Wednesday Writing Update!

What did I do this week?

  • I blogged here daily!
  • Finished my story for a contest and submitted!
  • Then realized previously published web stories were accepted and submitted two more.
  • Submitted another story to a daily flash fiction publication!
  • Continued editing a story I’ve been working on for a while.
  • Submitted a story on Medium, which was published and submitted another which was also published.
  • I’m still here. 🙂

Wish me luck, please. Submissions are nerve wracking.

What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!


Source: (Picture of close up of woman’s crying eye)

You can’t know what it feels like

All the bullshit competition

For your love

Do you even realize

How much women

Need to hurt each other

To prove their worth?

Do you have any idea

How much your “privacy”

Feels like secrecy

And how it puts

A target on my back?

How do you think it feels

To explain, constantly

To always have to 

Fucking explain

That I’m actually a part

Of your every day life

To fucking everybody?

I thought we were solid

But how can we be?

When I have to constantly

Separate the facts

From the bullshit

The fucking lies

And people who act like

They’ve known you forever

Like you’ve carried on

Some secret friendship

I wasn’t a part of

Are they all delusional?

Or am I?

I need to know

Because what they want

Is to hurt me

To destroy me, actually

To somehow win

By taking me out

And I need to escape

Desperately want

To escape them

And their rhetoric

And their meanness

Because I never wanted

To partake

In mean girl games

And I don’t need

A man

To be something

I am enough on my own

But I do want

To be free

Because it’s not safe

To exist in this toxicity



I came across these beautiful baskets on Facebook and thought they might be an appropriate thing to boost today.

Find them here:

Also, a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate. And Happy Passover to those who celebrated yesterday. ❀

The Christmas Gift

Source: (Picture of a gift in Christmas paper)

“Ugh! This deadline is looming and I don’t have anything yet!” Sara looked up from her computer long enough to roll her eyes but otherwise ignored me. Fuck her anyway. She never gets her shit done on time. Last month she kept me waiting on her stats until five minutes before the sales meeting. Edward nearly lost his shit when I didn’t have an action plan ready for her failing accounts. One more write up and I can fire her ass. I can’t wait to have one less perky sales bitch fucking up my day.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to cover her accounts and I specifically reassigned Dr. Bunt to her after the Christmas Party Incident. I’m pretty sure he roofied me but I can’t prove it. The problem with being roofied is the drink math is hard to do until it’s out of your system and too late to prove anything.

Maybe he’ll at least check out my kids tonsils. The health care plan here is shit. I work 60 hours a week for barely enough to keep us housed much less pay a $5000 yearly deductible. Thank God I don’t get sick much… except for my Christmas gift from Dr. Bunt. That might turn into a problem at some point, but for now I can steal some samples and keep it under control. I fucking hate that guy! I need to fill Sarah’s spot quickly. I wonder if I can direct recruit and speed things up a bit. I’m going to make a list of potentials this afternoon.


“Huh?” I look up from my revelry.

“C’mon. Edward is waiting for us in the meeting room. Scott has some sort of announcement.”

I enter the conference room through a thick curtain of dread. Scott is the big boss and rumor has it something bad is coming. Also, I’ve never liked the way he looked at me. Maybe I won’t have to worry about Dr. Bunt anymore… I wish that was a comforting thought.

Or not. Scott looks me up and down creepily, as I cross the threshold, “JoElla, I need to see you after the meeting.” I swallow hard and mentally prepare for the worst. I would almost rather be fired if I didn’t have two kids to feed.

At least I can share my Christmas gift.

Feline Friday!!

Buddy’s Elvis Sneer

Cat facts!!

  • I totally didn’t know a group of cats was called a Clowder)
  • Also, their furballs (you know the ones they cough up all over my house are bezoars. I guess I’m all set in case of accidental poisoning (Harry Potter fans, you get me).
  • And this sad fact: Only 24% of cats who enter animal shelters are adopted.
  • Which leads us to this: If you want to adopt a cat, you can visit your local Humane Society or check out

This video drives my cat crazy. If I play it long enough he bites my head. I guess he thinks I’m meowing?

Send me your cat pics and I’ll post them next Feline Friday!!

The Paradox of Love

Photo by Zackary Drucker as part of Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection. Credit: The Gender Spectrum Collection. Made available to media outlets via Creative Commons. No derivatives, no commercial use. See guidelines here: (picture of a couple holding hands)

It’s not like I want

You to live in fear for me

I’m just glad you care

What Did I Do This Past Week Writing-Wise?

Source: (picture of a notebook with a pen resting on it)
  • I made a submission to a Medium Pub
  • I made a submission to a WordPress pub
  • I edited a short story I’ve been working on a lot. It’s not done yet
  • I updated this blog daily… Yay!
  • I stayed up too late writing Haikus and had to suffer through 12 hours of my day job without enough sleep…
  • I joined a top secret writing group (shhhh)
  • I wrote daily in my dream journal (it’s super weird in there)
  • I started a bunch of things and struggled with feeling blocked
  • I pushed through it. 🙂
  • I wrote a piece to submit to a writing contest

What has everyone else been up to?

An Open Letter to my Crappy Boss

Source (picture of a stop sign set against a cloudy sky)

Dear Barbara,
I’m struggling to understand
What possesses you
To behave so spitefully
In nearly all of our interactions.
Was there something specific
I did to upset you?
Or are you driven by
Some internal greed
For the kind of power
Given only to
Middle managers?
I’m asking because
I’m losing the ability
To give a Fuck
About your feelings
Or even pretend to

As you might have noticed
After that one time
You know the one

The time I said
“Fuck you.”
Right to your face
But, of course,
It wasn’t deserved
Or in any way earned
By your actions
When you forced me
To work

With pneumonia

So I didn’t lose my job
I mean,
I’m not without

Telling you off
Will unlikely
Ever be among them
On the other hand

I do strive to be
A kinder person
One who lives without

One who has

And as much
As I wish
Truly, truly wish
(Oh, how much I wish)
To be rid of you
I also want to understand
How much suffering it takes
To harm for no reason
With nearly every action
(Seriously, is there anyone
You actually like?)
Because it must take
A deep self hatred
To need to grasp
So tightly
To even the tiniest
The smallest
The most minuscule
Morsel of power
I mean

You don’t seem to know this but
Your job

Is not all that.

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Source:(picture of open scissors in someone’s hand)

He wished his third wife were here. She was younger and prettier and made other men’s eyes follow him, with envy. But she was away on one of her weekends and he was stuck staring at his first wife’s ugly, wrinkled face.

“How could you let this happen to her?” he spat angrily over his daughter’s broken body on the hospital bed between them. “How could you let her marry him?” He turned and stomped towards the door.

He didn’t notice the scissors until they were stabbed through his trachea.
“How could you let this happen?” his first wife asked.