Madness Forsaken

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They said I was mad and sent me away to live in isolation at the edge of the forest.

I had no friends, no daily interactions, no love from another human. The loneliness sucked at my soul until I learned to sit and sense the movement of the forest around my stillness.

I watched the graceful spiral of leaves, dancing and twirling on the whim of a breeze. I heard the harmony of the forest stream, chanting and chiming through its bed of stones. I felt the gentle kiss of wind and snow on my face, wafting and whirling from above.

In the winter, the snow drifted down in silent flurries, muting the forest melody with its heavy insulation that crunched and creaked underfoot. In the spring, the snow thawed and froze in newly formed rivulets, while sweet lullabies of rebirth were tweeted from newly budded limbs. In the summer, the living creatures filled the air with raucous noise, while enchanting scents floated on the sultry current of a summer storm. In the fall, the birds left in chattering flocks, leaving a wake of silence, as the trees shed their adornments, preparing once again for restful slumber.

They said I was mad and sent me away but in the rhythm of change I found peace. My madness was sanity after all.

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Wednesday Writing Free Verse!

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You’ve stolen my soul

And I’ve lost

Entire days



To your muse

While you drag me,

Shred my soul,

And break my heart

With the rigors of creation

And destruction

(Because editing is a murder)

I can barely commit it

But I do


For you

For the act of improving

And learning

And growing

And at times…

I don’t know why

Because it is

Without reward

And you are

Without remorse

And yet…

I love you so…

(You alluring beast)

If given the opportunity

I will drown

In your seduction

And die in vain.


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The Office

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It’s not like people don’t die where I work. They do. Death is just a part of the deal when you work here. In fact, just last week two people died. I mean, someone had to go out into the fire fields and turn the release valves and Justin drew the short straw. Unfortunately, he panicked and spent his last few breaths banging on the door and crying instead of completing his task, which meant we had to subsequently send Bertha out to finish the job. It was a complete waste and frankly, it will continue to affect morale because Bertha made the best (I mean, hands down, the absolute B-E-S-T) birthday cakes with buttercream frosting for everyone’s birthdays and Flora’s crappy fruit cakes are not going to cut it.

I sigh heavily as I write up my report. Fucking Justin. He cost me a month of paperwork. He was always complaining too, “Maybe we should find another way to release the pipe pressures” or “Did you read my proposal about alternative fuel we could use to make the fire fields obsolete?” or my favorite, “It doesn’t have to be anyone’s turn. I could fix it if you just…” He didn’t finish that one because Joe slammed the airlock door right in his annoying, whiny face. Thank God. Complainers… Am I right?

Anywho, now there’s a lot of paperwork to do because some cranky bitch from HR is all worked up about our decreased safety record and feels it’s “inappropriate to sacrifice trained employees even to ensure the safety of the colony” and we should “consider using untrained labor or heroic volunteers to reduce the cost of constant retraining” or whatever. Ugh! All this and all I’ve had to eat today is Flora’s stale fruit cake.

The warning alarm goes off interrupting my internal tirade. One by one we file to the front of the room to draw a straw from the dispenser. People look nervous, but management always puts on a brave face. Mostly, because we know the system is rigged in our favor. Who’s to know when we are the only ones who have been here more than five years?

Except… I reach my hand in and pull out what is undoubtably the shortest straw. “That’s impossible, it’s n-,“ I stutter but Joe pulls me into his office before I can finish my sentence.

“Sorry, Steve.” He smiles his most personable smile. “The higher ups are complaining about your performance. It’s your turn to go.”

I want to respond but my blood has turned to ice while my feet have cemented themselves to the floor. “No worries,” Says Joe pushing me towards the airlock, “You’ll remember what to do once you’re in the fields. The training will kick in.”

“But… But…” I stammer as he closes the door with a final wink waving jauntily.

“Godspeed, Steve!”

A Gift I Couldn’t Give

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It Hurts,

The thing

Missing from 

My life

The thing

You Stole

from me

It was

Wrenched from





Taken by you,


I could know

There existed


To have Lost,

The aftermath

of which was

The way

In which




Someone who was

never again

Good or

Enough or



This world








It’s Feline Friday Again!!

From Giphy

Well, Ok. I looked up “Why are cats jerks when you are sleeping?” and found this: Apparently, the answer is I am a jerk. Good to know.

“Translation: be a jerk and you produce jerk cats. That’s a choice, not destiny.”

Hmmmm. Ok. But I still wish they wouldn’t keep me up all night.

Yup. But I’m pretty sure my cats make 10 times as much noise.

Send me your cat pics and I’ll include them next Feline Friday!

My Wednesday Writing Update!

What did I do this week?

  • I blogged here daily!
  • Finished my story for a contest and submitted!
  • Then realized previously published web stories were accepted and submitted two more.
  • Submitted another story to a daily flash fiction publication!
  • Continued editing a story I’ve been working on for a while.
  • Submitted a story on Medium, which was published and submitted another which was also published.
  • I’m still here. 🙂

Wish me luck, please. Submissions are nerve wracking.

What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments!