On Finding My Writing Voice

Source: (Picture of antique typewriter with the name Remington Standard) My grandmother had a typewriter like this. I used to type my “stories” on it as a child. The Dream When I was young all I wanted was to become a writer. While other kids went off to soccor camp or adventure camp or whatever,Continue reading “On Finding My Writing Voice”

Ode to my Bullshit Coworker: I Wish He Were Toast

My friend tells me there’s mouse poop in the office toaster It’s the one Bob and I bought together While he still graced us with his daily presence But I hated Bob I hated his presence I hated his ugliness from the inside out And yet I learned to imitate My disgusted disdain Reflecting hisContinue reading “Ode to my Bullshit Coworker: I Wish He Were Toast”

A Place to Write

I can’t decide how I feel about Medium’s pay structure. People obviously seem to like it because most content is blocked by the paywall these days and I’m starting to feel like the last holdout but to be honest I don’t want to join. I would never want to disrespect the amazing people who writeContinue reading “A Place to Write”