On Finding My Writing Voice

Source: (Picture of antique typewriter with the name Remington Standard) My grandmother had a typewriter like this. I used to type my “stories” on it as a child. The Dream When I was young all I wanted was to become a writer. While other kids went off to soccor camp or adventure camp or whatever,Continue reading “On Finding My Writing Voice”

Ode to my Bullshit Coworker: I Wish He Were Toast

My friend tells me there’s mouse poop in the office toaster It’s the one Bob and I bought together While he still graced us with his daily presence But I hated Bob I hated his presence I hated his ugliness from the inside out And yet I learned to imitate My disgusted disdain Reflecting hisContinue reading “Ode to my Bullshit Coworker: I Wish He Were Toast”