My Wednesday Writing Update!

What did I do this week? I blogged here daily! Finished my story for a contest and submitted! Then realized previously published web stories were accepted and submitted two more. Submitted another story to a daily flash fiction publication! Continued editing a story I’ve been working on for a while. Submitted a story on Medium,Continue reading “My Wednesday Writing Update!”


I came across these beautiful baskets on Facebook and thought they might be an appropriate thing to boost today. Find them here: Also, a very Happy Easter to those who celebrate. And Happy Passover to those who celebrated yesterday. ❤

The Christmas Gift

“Ugh! This deadline is looming and I don’t have anything yet!” Sara looked up from her computer long enough to roll her eyes but otherwise ignored me. Fuck her anyway. She never gets her shit done on time. Last month she kept me waiting on her stats until five minutes before the sales meeting. EdwardContinue reading “The Christmas Gift”

What Did I Do This Past Week Writing-Wise?

I made a submission to a Medium Pub I made a submission to a WordPress pub I edited a short story I’ve been working on a lot. It’s not done yet I updated this blog daily… Yay! I stayed up too late writing Haikus and had to suffer through 12 hours of my day jobContinue reading “What Did I Do This Past Week Writing-Wise?”

An Open Letter to my Crappy Boss

Source (picture of a stop sign set against a cloudy sky) Dear Barbara,I’m struggling to understandWhat possesses youTo behave so spitefullyIn nearly all of our interactions.Was there something specificI did to upset you?Or are you driven bySome internal greedFor the kind of powerGiven only toMiddle managers?I’m asking becauseI’m losing the abilityTo give a FuckAbout yourContinue reading “An Open Letter to my Crappy Boss”