Madness Forsaken

They said I was mad and sent me away to live in isolation at the edge of the forest. I had no friends, no daily interactions, no love from another human. The loneliness sucked at my soul until I learned to sit and sense the movement of the forest around my stillness. I watched the graceful spiralContinue reading “Madness Forsaken”

Wednesday Writing Free Verse!

Writing You’ve stolen my soul And I’ve lost Entire days Weeks Months To your muse While you drag me, Shred my soul, And break my heart With the rigors of creation And destruction (Because editing is a murder) I can barely commit it But I do Remorsefully For you For the act of improving AndContinue reading “Wednesday Writing Free Verse!”

A Gift I Couldn’t Give

It Hurts, The thing Missing from  My life The thing You Stole from me It was Wrenched from my Unwilling, Prepubescent body, Taken by you, Before I could know There existed Something To have Lost, The aftermath of which was The way In which I Would become Someone who was never again Good or EnoughContinue reading “A Gift I Couldn’t Give”

It’s Feline Friday Again!!

From Giphy Well, Ok. I looked up “Why are cats jerks when you are sleeping?” and found this: Apparently, the answer is I am a jerk. Good to know. “Translation: be a jerk and you produce jerk cats. That’s a choice, not destiny.” Hmmmm. Ok. But I still wish they wouldn’t keep me upContinue reading “It’s Feline Friday Again!!”

My Wednesday Writing Update!

What did I do this week? I blogged here daily! Finished my story for a contest and submitted! Then realized previously published web stories were accepted and submitted two more. Submitted another story to a daily flash fiction publication! Continued editing a story I’ve been working on for a while. Submitted a story on Medium,Continue reading “My Wednesday Writing Update!”