Be Like You

Click photo for source: Sillouette of a man leaning on a tree with foliage shaped like a heart.

I wouldn’t know where to begin…

If I wanted to be more like you

I guess I could dress with a hint of pizzazz

Or smile at a stranger across the room

Maybe I could hold the door when you walk through

Or make an inside joke with a jaunty wink

I could hang out with the guys and go to the club…

And pass my number to the waitress as I pay the bill

I would come home drunk and wake you with my need

Then bristle when you refuse to worship my sex

I could take it anyway, in spite of your tears

And slap you in the face when you are crying too hard

I might savagely beat you, breaking your nose

And let everyone know what a liar you are

You know he’s a whore, he deserved what he got

I would laugh with my friends at your broken life

And they would laugh too, they are just like me

I mean, they would be, if I was just like you…

But I’m not like you… I don’t want to be

I will choose to be human instead.

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