Isolation in the Park

Source (picture of a park bench)

She wouldn’t have noticed him on any other day, but today they were the only two in the park. She had been about to leave, wary of the cold metal bench pressing into her legs, but his flax-colored hair caught her eye… And her heart. Her breath caught in her throat. It was as if she already knew and loved him.

He was looking too, meeting her eyes with a steady gaze. He smiled and somehow, the world between them warmed. She smiled back and his hand lifted into a wave. She returned it but he was already standing. Her heart flopped with disappointment. Hadn’t he felt the electricity between them?

But he didn’t walk away. He walked toward her. She simultaneously hoped and feared the potential of his closeness. If he invaded her space, it would ruin her. She would have to make excuses for him. She didn’t want to justify him already… She wanted his perfection, at least for this moment.

He stopped, maintaining the requisite six foot distance and opened his coat. For a second she thought he would flash her but he didn’t. He merely motioned to the pajamas he wore underneath. “I had no reason to get dressed today but if you are here tomorrow, perhaps it will give me a reason to look good.”

She smiled and answered, “Perhaps.”

“I will be here around 2pm.” He smiled sheepishly, winked and turned away, walking past his bench and out of the park, while she sat grinning and thinking of the dresses she thought she’d never have an occasion to wear.

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