Source (picture of a woman meditating)

She sat meditating in the moonlight. To an observer, she would have appeared to be peaceful and still, but inside a war raged on violently. Today had brought her to her worst place. Sitting with it took the courage of a warrior.

The pain was immense. It lived not only in the reverberation of negative thoughts and images in her mind, but also in a deep splinter through the middle of her torso. From heart to belly, she could feel the painful karmic knots, tightening their grip.

Her breath continued to move in and out and she concentrated on its subtle movements… Its effect on the painful places within. Gently, kindly she observed the movement of the pain as it tightened, loosened and finally dissipated.

Peacefulness crept through her until she finally settled into the meditation with ease. There was a moment of relief, which she skillfully recognized as unskillful, even while she appreciated the release from pain. This shouldn’t be the goal of meditation, she knew but it was definitely an appreciated benefit. 

The ding of her preset timer gave her nervous system a small jolt. She bowed gracefully to end the meditation and stood feeling lighter and easier. Perhaps someday she would be able to take her practice to a higher level but for today, she would be grateful for a bit more ease.

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