Be Yourself?

Source: (Picture of a little girl with an annoyed look on her face)

Be authentic

In a world of venerated liars

Be yourself

Behind a veil of makeup

Oh! And don’t forget your spanks

Just be real though,

Don’t hold back

Say what’s on your mind

We want to hear it

Oh… Wait… You said what?

You can’t say that

We’re not racist, misogynist…

What? How dare you insinuate

I’m homophobic, transphobic


Oh. And killing isn’t really wrong…

I should have my guns

Self protection… Immigrants

What? Racism? No.

You should meet my friends

I mean, I said be yourself but…

I thought you agreed

And now I wish

You were someone I liked

Go away, Snowflake

Be authentic somewhere else

You are no longer welcome

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