Sexy Self Love

Source: (Picture of lighted candles with window and twinkling lights behind)

Her senses were bombarded with all things pleasant. Scented candles against the backdrop of flickering city lights, a crystal bowl of strawberries, romantic music and the feeling of silk against her skin made her heart beat the exact right rhythm for an incredible night to come. His pleasant voice belted out a song of love, keeping perfect time with her hands as they began to caress the taut silk covering her belly and breasts.

In her mind, the, breasts belonged to another and her hands were masterfully providing pleasure to her imagined lover. She moaned, pushing her hips forward and allowing one hand to trail downward. She allowed the moment to linger, wanting the pleasure to last.

One hand reached for a plump red strawberry. She held it to her mouth, allowing her lips and tongue to find purchase. The music intensified and her sweet suckling intensified with it. Her other hand trailed slowly down her silk nighty to her bare legs.

Her soft skin rippled with tingling pleasure. She turned her face to the twinkling lights as her hand moved between her thighs, finding the sweetest spot of all. She licked the strawberry more intensely, allowing her moans to merge with those of her imaginary lover.

Every bit of her was activated, every single sense on fire. She sucked hard extracting every bit of juice from the strawberry as she writhed beneath her expert fingers, climaxing to spill her own juices onto the bed beneath her. She was spent. Everything was perfect.

She lay contented and relaxed as the music shifted to a quiet, smooth jazz and her breathing slowed to the rhythm of sleep.

Originally published for Instagram’s Romance Writer Challenge July 2019, Ravishing the Romance Day 5 “The 5 Senses”

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