Rock Your World

Source: (Picture of a woman’s nude shoulders and above, making a sexy face)

He held me in gentle comfort and I sighed contentedly. It was one of those rare moments when he let go of his bravado and let me in. I relished it. What he couldn’t possibly understand (or this would happen more often) is how incredibly sexy those moments we’re for me.

We kissed and allowed our gazes to linger on each other’s eyes. I touched his cheek. He smiled and leaned back in. Our kisses grew deeper and more intense by the minute. Soon we were undressing both ourselves and each other. I pulled him down on top of me, ready to let him in but he stopped me.

“Wait.” He said, softly, pulling away from my grasp, “I want to use my mouth. I’m going to rock your world tonight.”

Originally published for Instagram’s Romance Writer Challenge June 2019
Prompt day 8 “Share a Sexy Line”

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