Revealing Darkness

Source: (Picture of two men, holding each other in shadow)

I blinked stupidly in the sudden brightness. I had lost track of time stuck in the darkness for so long. Our lights had died days ago and Ted and I had sat in the darkness cuddled together for warmth and comfort. We had told each other all of our regrets and fears and joys, purging ourselves in preparation for death.

And something else… We fell in love in a way I didn’t know two men could. When we held each other and laid bare the details of our lives our hearts grew and became one. Facing death, we could finally be ourselves and in the all encompassing darkness of our caved in miners nightmare, we kissed, we undressed, we made love…

I wondered now, as the lights from our unexpected rescue illuminated our nakedness, if we would have been so free if we knew we would be saved. We could never be together, not without losing absolutely everything we had ever known… And yet, knowing love had changed me on some fundamental level. I would never be the same.

I blinked stupidly in the sudden brightness, which had illuminated my darkest secrets and fears, and wished a rescue had never come.

Originally published for Instagram’s Romance Writer Challenge June 2019
Prompt day 6 “Romance Genre”

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