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When the time came for the annihilation of all things no one could really remember why any of it had existed in the first place. Really, after all that had happened, all the pain, fear and misery, all the loss, all the suffering… who the fuck had ever thought this was a good idea to begin with? It was to end and there was nothing left to feel. Not even regret. Not even sadness. Not even nostalgia, Not even relief. There was nothing and they would become nothing. And that was for the best.

Leah was tired. Not like “Oh, I need a nap” tired but like bone achingly, don’t give a fuck, tired of everything, can’t go on another minute tired. Too tired to sleep, really. Too hurting to settle. She lay with her feet elevated allowing the television to penetrate her brain which she very much wished she could use her remote to turn off. Thinking had become a thing to avoid since her last trip home. Since that night… the one she could barely remember but also couldn’t figure out how to forget. So she worked. She worked until she could barely stand and went home exhausted, and checked her new locks again and again through the haze of pain because who could fucking sleep? But she did eventually. Drifting into a sweet escape only to have it shattered by nightmares. If she had been more able to think straight she might have recognized the parallel to her own recent history.

Two floors below Jason jerked off slowly in the glow of his computer screen. “Yeah, Bitch, Take it.” he murmured watching a huge-titted blond take a pounding. He hated her and he wanted to fuck her. Bad. Real bad. His fist pumped harder and he imagined he was fucking her, pouring all of his hate and anger into her disgusting pussy. “Take it you fucking Cock Whore! Take it!!! Ahh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck!” Jason slumped back and reached for his jerk off towel feeling the wash of shame and self hatred as he cleaned himself up. “Fucking Whores… “ He muttered. “They’ll fuck for pay but try to get some Bitch to go out with me…” If Jason hadn’t been so angry hating bitches he might have realized why they avoided him.

Three blocks away Kent sat at his desk and poured another glass of Scotch eying the gun laid on top of today’s newspaper. The headlines made his insides go liquid: The Downfall of a Billionaire Businessman: 3 More Women come Forward in Kent Calrson Case Bringing Total to 17. “Fuck this.” Kent picked up the gun and shot himself in the head. Fuck this, indeed.

Kayla heard the distant shot from the floor below as she pushed her housekeeping cart off the elevator. She kept her head down and went about her work. She had 2 babies to feed at home and one still in the hospital. With no ability to pay for his expensive medicines he had ended up quite sick and Child Protective Services was threatening to take him for neglect. She could give a fuck if a businessman got shot. She got her mop out and started on the hallway.

On the other side of town a former businessman turned politician felt his chair grow wet beneath him as he met with foreign dignitaries. “Not now, Fuck! Not now!” he thought forcing a cough to hide his humiliation but it was too late. “Everyone leave!” he yelled. His top Aide attempted to speak but he said “Now. I told you to leave.” He coughed and coughed until they left. The politician sat alone and told himself “You’re a genius. You’re a genius.” He changed his pants and Tweeted about his genius to the world to make himself feel better.

Elsewhere… “So remember that experiment we started a few millennia ago? Do you remember why we did that? Because I think we need to end it. It’s been fucked up for a long time and I’m over it. They will never change.”

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