Source: (Picture of close up of woman’s crying eye)

You can’t know what it feels like

All the bullshit competition

For your love

Do you even realize

How much women

Need to hurt each other

To prove their worth?

Do you have any idea

How much your “privacy”

Feels like secrecy

And how it puts

A target on my back?

How do you think it feels

To explain, constantly

To always have to 

Fucking explain

That I’m actually a part

Of your every day life

To fucking everybody?

I thought we were solid

But how can we be?

When I have to constantly

Separate the facts

From the bullshit

The fucking lies…

And people who act like

They’ve known you forever

Like you’ve carried on

Some secret friendship

I wasn’t a part of

Are they all delusional?

Or am I?

I need to know

Because what they want

Is to hurt me

To destroy me, actually

To somehow win

By taking me out

And I need to escape

Desperately want

To escape them

And their rhetoric

And their meanness

Because I never wanted

To partake

In mean girl games

And I don’t need

A man

To be something

I am enough on my own

But I do want

To be free

Because it’s not safe

To exist in this toxicity


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