Rain lashes the car windows as we drive through the city, matching my mood. I’m tired and my body hurts. I really don’t want to be out tonight.

“You got this, Babe? Maybe I should bring you home real quick.” My husband knows I’m hurting. I can’t hide my constant yawning or the circles under my eyes.

“I’m ok. I got this.” I’m lying and we both know it. I wouldn’t bother but his buddy from his army days is in town and we promised him and his wife a great time. I tell myself I’ll get through the evening.

Several minutes later we meet up with Joe and Mary at the venue. Joe is already revved up and ready to go. “Hey, you guys ready? We are going all the way out tonight!” He does a little dance and we laugh. Joe is a good time every day of the week but tonight I can tell he’s already been at the bottle and he’s gunning for an all nighter. The party never ends with this guy. I stifle a yawn and hope I’ll be able to hang.

The usher shows us to our seats as the band starts playing. And it is bad right off the bat. It begins with a funky guitar riff, then percussion, then the bass kicks in and soon the band is jamming and the whole crowd is moving, including me. By the time the sax lights up we are keeping time in smooth style. We rock rhythmically with the music and each other like we are one mind, heart and soul.

I forget myself, grinning nonstop and clapping with the crowd. The music takes me out of my aching body and into oneness with the experience. I lose track of time and before I know it we’re on our feet for the finale and I have forgotten how terrible I felt.

We step out onto the street, talking excitedly about the performance we just watched. “Alright! I am ready to get my dance on. Where’s the nearest club?” Joe asks.

My husband gives me a sideways look, part concern, part hope. I know he’s ready to get his groove on too. “What do you think? Are you up for a club?”

“Yeah, Baby, I’m all in.”

To the reader: I had the pleasure of checking out the Berks Jazz Fest in Reading, PA this past weekend. If you like Jazz music and have the ability to go I definitely recommend it.



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