On Finding My Writing Voice

Source: (Picture of antique typewriter with the name Remington Standard)

My grandmother had a typewriter like this. I used to type my “stories” on it as a child.

The Dream

When I was young all I wanted was to become a writer. While other kids went off to soccor camp or adventure camp or whatever, I went to creativity camp and spent a week writing. It was the only thing I could imagine being when I grew up.

I’ve probably started (but never finished) a dozen novels. I’ve done writing prompts with friends for fun whenever possible. I’ve told myself thousands of times I could do this… and quit because I got stuck and didn’t have the time or volition or confidence to work through the problem.

Why did I lose it?

Life. I mean, that’s the short answer. The longer answer involves the barrage of well meaning people warning you to have a backup plan… telling you to be practical. Following a dream means giving up on short term security. It means taking a leap of faith.

For me, like probably many of us, the practicality was raising a child and paying the bills. Yet, the writing never really went away. It keeps coming back and grabbing me. Some dreams don’t know how to die.

So what am I doing now?

  • I’m making a commitment to writing. Hence this blog.
  • I’m deciding to believe in myself and stop second guessing my writing.
  • I’m committing to putting daily content on this blog, even if I don’t think every single contribution is a winner. I mean, I want it to be quality and I’ll strive for quality but I’m not going to perfectionist myself out of posting. I’m actually enjoying the pressure to write often and hone my skills.
  • I’m actually submitting my writing for publication… This it’s the scariest one because rejection sucks. I’ve already submitted two and had two rejected and even though I know that’s a normal process it still hurts. I’m going to keep at it though. My goal is another submission this week.
  • I’m accepting feedback. For real, if you have it, I will hear it. I might not incorporate all of it but I’ll listen and consider any thoughts.

What about you?

Any other aspiring writers out there? I would love to hear from you in the comments. ❤

PS. To be real, this blog is so new I would be thrilled to hear from anyone in the comments. 😘

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